How to play claps


  • Here, I will explain the rules in a little more detail (in the case of playing with two people).

First, the shooter is nominated and decided by the dealer. A person who becomes a shooter will not roll the dice only once, but will roll the dice several times depending on the outcome.

  1. The first shooter rolls two dice

This first roll is called the Come-Out Roll.

  • If 7 or 11 comes out, the thrower wins on the spot (Natural or Win)
  • If 2, 3, 12 come out, the thrower loses on the spot (Craps)
  • If 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 are rolled, the opponent and the thrower are changed and the game is continued as it is (here, the rolled eye is called a point, and after the point is confirmed, 7 Is called a series until you lose.)
  1. The alternate thrower rolls the dice
  • If you give points, the thrower wins at that time.
  • If you get a 7, you lose (Seven-Out).
  • Shooter change for other eyes. Repeat the above until it is settled.
  • Points and eyes other than 7 (eg 2 and 11) are irrelevant for wins and losses in subsequent phases.
  • In the phase after the third throw (the shooter rolls the dice again), you will not win when you roll the dice.

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Craps betting types

There are many ways to bet on craps, but here are some typical ones. When you actually play craps, remember at least the following bets.

Basic betting method “pass line”

As mentioned earlier, if you are a beginner, we recommend playing with the “pass line”. This betting method is the basis of the basics, so remember it first.

The pass line, when you shook the first dice, natural ( 7 , 11 if Dere is) wins , and the 2 times the dividend will be acquired. On the other hand, if you get Claps ( 2 , 3 , 12 ), you lose . If the rest of the numbers came out, the number is ” point number ( eye of place game will continue as it is as)”. From the second time onward, the outcome will be decided depending on which of the “point number” and “7” comes out first.

Odds bed

” Odds bed ” is a betting method that allows you to add a stake after the point number is given. Winning mbb88 or losing is the same as the pass line. If you get a point number, you win, and if you get 7, you lose. Odds beds are characterized by a zero deduction rate, which is an advantage over other betting methods.

Don’t pass

” Don’t pass ” is the opposite of the pass line . In Don’t Pass, if you get a few, you win and you can get double the payout. On the contrary, if natural comes out, you will lose.

In the case of don’t pass, it will be a draw when 12 is rolled. After the second throw with a point number, you win if you get a 7, and you lose if you get a point.

As you will see later, this is a less popular betting method, so be sure to check the atmosphere of the place and the surroundings when betting.

Cam bet

A ” come bet ” is a betting method that can only be placed after a come-out roll . If Natural (7/11) comes out, you will win and you will get double the payout.

On the contrary, if Claps (2, 3, 12) appear, you will lose. If you get a point number, you move to the third throw, if you get a point, you win, and if you get a 7, you lose.

Don’t come

” Don’t come ” is a betting method that is placed only after the points are decided after the come-out roll , and the same bet as the don’t pass is made. If you get 2 or 3, you win and you get the same amount of prize as your stake.

On the other hand, if Natural (7/11) comes out, you lose, and if 12 comes out, you are a draw. If you get a point number, you move to the third throw, if you get a 7, you win, and if you get a point, you lose.

Like Don’t Pass, Don’t Come is a less popular bet, so be careful not to accidentally use it.


In addition to these betting methods, there are other betting methods such as Any Craps, Any Seven, Big Six, Big Eight, Hard for Hard Ten, and Hard Six Hard Eight. If you can afford it, learn about these betting methods as well.

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