SAGSE Talks, cycle of online conferences for casino operators in America


The first SAGSE Talks session has already been held , with the participation of more than 500 constant participants and a total of 5,286 users who connected at some point to this meeting that had the online gaming market as its central axis .

The invited panelists discussed issues such as advances in national regulation, support for the industry by the financial sector, communication gaps in gaming companies, changes in consumer habits due to the pandemic, and the situation of lottery agencies.

SAGSE Talks is a proposal led by Monografie, organizer of the world meeting of the SAGSE industry; Yogonet, a production company dedicated to the generation of content and digital media for the jkj92 ewallet gaming sector; and Global Wizards, a technology solutions and software engineering company.

Some conclusions

  • Lotteries that still do not have a license to operate online or are in that process, have been highly affected, as this channel is essential in this context.
  • The industry has to be agile to adapt to the changes in consumption habits generated by the health emergency: it is a situation that generates more opportunities than threats.
  • This is a country with a specific complexity, since certain quantities of licenses are granted in a territory and the regulation varies from province to province. It is a scenario that must be taken into account when considering the future of the online gaming market.
  • We must be attentive to the strategies used in the world by some providers to reinvent themselves as a result of the crisis. Many should be encouraged to enter the online market.

SBC Digital Summit, the world’s premier casino gaming and betting event

This summit, led by the SBC, will take place from April 27 to May 1. The objective is to connect more than 140 leaders of the gaming and betting industry in the world, to share knowledge and reflections on the challenges generated as a result of the COVID-19 emergency.

Among many issues, there are two of special attention to the casino market: the critical case, and the opportunities and challenges in the regulation of the industry in American countries, for European companies.

Online gambling is going through a crisis generated by the emergency decree that restricts advertising related to the sector during the day. This topic will be analyzed in two panels.

The first: COVID-19 business continuity and the global vision of the leaders. And the second: Operation and start-up, the execution of the strategy, in which concrete actions will be defined for the online sector during and after the crisis.

For the analysis in America, the panelists will talk about the potential and opportunities for growth in the American market, in order to captivate European operators to open doors that benefit the industry, and therefore, users in the countries to this side of the continent.

They will also analyze how to counteract the effects of the pandemic and the actions to move forward after the economic impact that this health emergency will generate. On the other hand, they will review the panorama and the progress in the regulation of online gambling and sports betting in countries with important markets such as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Peru globally.

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